Understanding the Trading Brain

Trading Problems are not the same for all people, they are always unique! This also has to do with the structure of our brain. Our Brain is made up of three Systems that are of different ages and pursue different interests. And these completely opposing interests of the three brain regions are constantly influencing each … Read more

Thank You Note for My Well Wishers

I am writing this post to give our personal “Thank You” to each and everyone who prayed for us and gave us your thoughts, sent cards,flowers and whatever else you could have possibly done to help us through the difficult times we have had. As a lot of my friends and family know, we have … Read more

Trading Psychology Baggage: How to Upload It

Straight talk: Most traders lose money. The reason why? Psychology. You can be a brilliant market analyst or an excellent chart reader, or have a great trading process in place, but the truth is this: Both trading failures and even successes can leave a subtle negative imprint on your trading psychology that, if left unchecked, will creep into your trading … Read more

Stock Trader – Job Description

Biggest misconception of Retail Trader I found during my trading session I am a trader so I should trade. Well, this is the biggest mistake a trader can make. The trader’s job is not to trade but trade right based on trading strategies he has mastered on during the course of time. Trading is a … Read more