Understanding Random Reinforcement in Trading

Few Trading Facts 80% of all day traders quit within the first 1 year  of there trading most of them trade in Options and use brokers who give them High leverage of 10X Traders with having losses for 5 years or more continue to trade. The last point suggests that traders even continue to trade … Read more Understanding Random Reinforcement in Trading

Developing Self-Discipline in Trading

Trading is a craft that demands a certain level of discipline. Not only do you have to stick to a set of trading rules, you also have to be able to execute your trade as per your rules and trading plan. Market will always test you and any trade your become overconfident market will give … Read more Developing Self-Discipline in Trading

Keep Your Trading Private

So how much can other people affect your trading? \ There is one characteristic that seems to separate the great traders from the average ones. The great ones realize what kind of problems that a lack of confidence can present, so they don’t even risk a shattered ego. How? They keep their trading activities to … Read more Keep Your Trading Private

Taking Responsibility for Your Performance

Think back to a time when you had a losing trade, or made an error with your trade execution, or had a bad trading day. Who  was responsible for the result that you got? The market? The Trading Guru You Follow? Your Friend whose analysis went wrong The trading platform you were using? The room … Read more Taking Responsibility for Your Performance

Why Human Nature Works Against You as a Trader

The goal of trading is to make money by forecasting future price movements.This is inherently difficult because, as human beings, we cannot tell the future. Surely many new traders analyze data announcements, or economic reports with the goal of buying cheaply before prices may run up, or selling ‘expensive’ before prices move lower; but those … Read more Why Human Nature Works Against You as a Trader

Self-Confident Trader

In Continuation with Previous Article Internal confidence, on the other hand, is not based on the outcome of your trading results. Internal confidence is process based. It comes from three things you have complete control over: 1. Knowledge you acquire, 2. Skills you develop, 3. Ability to apply your knowledge and skills in the market. … Read more Self-Confident Trader

Want to be a Professional Traders

 Only six percent of the people who attempt to become professional traders actually succeed. Why do most fail? Lack of passion When people come into the world of trading many think that they only need to learn a strategy and follow the rules of that strategy. And, there are some people who actually do this … Read more Want to be a Professional Traders

Trading as a Profession

Trading is a profession and nothing less. Most professions such as medical, legal, psychological,pharmaceutical, technical, mechanical, engineering, etc., require several years of education, study and effort. Not to mention the money required for learning the necessary skills. Then it takes many more years of actual practice to develop the skills and gain the experience to … Read more Trading as a Profession


Trading is a completely different animal entirely. I’m not condemning any approach to the markets at all. Cycles work, astrology works, Elliott Wave works, Gann methods work, trend line breaks work, technical analysis works, fundamental analysis works, moving averages work, oscillators work, chart patterns work, etc. However, no approach, no matter how good, will work … Read more SUCCESSFUL TRADING