Strong Emotions in Trading

You may have put extra effort into your trading to try to overcome this problem, learning more about technical analysis and maybe trading psychology. But that doesn’t seem to matter. When you get into a trade you Following Happen 1. You feel your nerves rise. 2. Your attention rivets onto Price flashing in terminal,Every Tick … Read more Strong Emotions in Trading

Is Your Trading Brain making you lose money

During our training sessions with students we are very specific t make them understand you have lost money not because of market but the main reason is Your brain doesn’t like to lose.Its all there in your subconscious mind which is responsible for profit and loss for a trader. Brain remembers everything. How you trade … Read more Is Your Trading Brain making you lose money

How to Become a Full-Time Trader

There is nothing simple or painless about trading for a living.Its a competitive world out there. You have to compete with FII’s,DII’s, HNI’s , Operators, defeat other gladiators, and not get yourself killed in the process. How much should be your Stock Trading Capital Here are a few ways to become a better trader and … Read more How to Become a Full-Time Trader

Whats Your Trading Style ?

One of the choices that every new trader has to make is whether to be a Discretionary/Subjective trader or a Mechanical /System trader. The third stage is called Intuitive trading which is called “ZEN” State which very few traders are able to achieve. In Today’s Article we will discuss on Discretionary Trading The definition of … Read more Whats Your Trading Style ?

Beginner Mistakes Traders Make

Most of New traders come into the markets with high profit expectations, but find out fairly quickly that making money consistently isn’t as easy as they expected.  Most of Traders do not have a Trading Edge. Trading Edge : An advantage you have discovered and use in your entries that helps you execute your trade … Read more Beginner Mistakes Traders Make

Trading Affirmations For Successful Trading

Profitable trading is the ability to program your mind into believing that we can be a Profitable trader and working on making habit/routine which help us in doing profitable trading Affirmations have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. During our Psychology Course we giving special Emphasis on Affirmations as it can … Read more Trading Affirmations For Successful Trading

How to get Consistent Trading Results

Everyone says that psychology is the most important part of trading. So if trading is 80% psychology and  I believe psychology can be broken down into two parts:  patience and discipline.  This article focuses on discipline, and why it is so essential to your trading success. For Consistent Results We need to be Disciplined both … Read more How to get Consistent Trading Results

Want to Do Full Time Trading ?

During my Trading session most of traders I interact with want to become  Full time trader, They want to ‘Make enough money to leave their job and become independent.’ Well it might sound exciting but the reality is not what it seems. Let me give  you a blueprint what should be the thought process before … Read more Want to Do Full Time Trading ?