How Mood Impacts Your Trading

You want to be trading opportunity, not your mood of the moment. – Brett Steenbarger Many traders I have interacted during my training session, one of the basic reason for loss is trading on mood, Somehow trader gets a feel and he does some aggressive trade which ultimately lead to “BIG LOSSES”. So lets discuss … Read more

Trading Lessons We Could Learn From Holi

The festival of colours ‘Holi’, is amongst the most popular festivals in the country. On this day, people gather and play with powdered colours; by smearing it on each other, squirt coloured water and toss water balloons diluted with coloured powder. Alongside, people also savour the festive delicacy of Gujiya and Thandai. The festival is … Read more

Being a Confident Trader in FY 2021!

I’ve shared a ton of my trade, Trading set up and Trade management techniques over the past Year, and today I would like to talk about something about starting your journey as Profitable Trade in theBeing a Confident Trader in 2021!. Let me share a few things that have made a huge difference for me … Read more