Trading Psychology Quotes

Psychology matters more to trading or investing than perhaps any other income-producing activity. Here are some quotable quotes from some well known industry participants highlighting that reality… Anyone who claims to be intrigued by the “intellectual challenge of the markets” is not a trader. The markets are as intellectually challenging as a fistfight. Ultimately, trading … Read more

Good traders and Bad Traders

Good traders are able to identify opportunities in the market, plan trades, execute trades, and manage trades at a reasonable level. A good trader identifies the opportunity, plans the trade, and executes the trade. He takes his losses with discipline. One might think that Bad traders are similar to good traders but just better. The … Read more

Notable Quotes from Market Wizards

Few Important quotes which can keep you going into this amazing field of trading: Tony Saliba “How do you lose money? It is either bad day trading or a losing position. If it’s a bad position that is the problem, then you should just get out of it.” “Clear thinking, ability to stay focused, and … Read more

Learn to Conquer the Fear while trading

Emotions have no place in trading,specially for day traders as their holding period is for few hours only. Most of traders are searching for Magic Indicator or Holy Grail which will lead the desired results and will never cause any loss to them. But in Reality No matter what technical indicator or stock trading system … Read more

How to trade intraday in Stock Market

90% of Intraday Trades are losers, Intraday trading without a proper plan and trading system is equivalent to gambling which most of traders get indulged into. Before betting your hard earned money to earn quick returns its always better to know and understand the  the fundamentals of intraday trading, if you hope to make money … Read more

Traders Need Game Plan to trade profitably

All successful traders have one common, yet very important ingredient in their trading methodologies: a game plan.  “Many traders and investors go through their sometimes very short investing lives planning trades they never execute and executing trades they never plan.” “Experience has proven that success follows the wise trader/investor who identifies an effective strategy, and … Read more

Traders Success Model

Just a reminder – The Most Important Part of the Trader Success Model – YOU While You are trading or planing to take a trade, It YOU from making a trade plan till trade execution irrespective of profit and loss.Many traders gives excuses like Market is bad so we lost money , Do remember market … Read more

How to become a successful trader

Every trader need to Identifying his Strengths and Weaknesses Trading requires as much honesty as is objectively possible. To be able to go over each trade and determine what you did right and what you did wrong requires putting ego aside for the benefit of becoming a better trader. You have to be able to … Read more

When To Quit Your Job to become full time trader

I have had many readers through the years and students of my trading course –most of whom were less-experienced traders–tell me that at some point in the future they planned to quit their 9-5 jobs and become a  full-time trader. Traders who have recently entered market and made good money also plan to become a … Read more