How much should be your Stock Trading Capital

Many traders have asked me this question, What shall be my Seed capital for trading. Shall this be 50K , 1 Lakh, 10 Lakh etc. Well as a trader you need to take informed decisions before you commit your capital to Mr. market. Its a well known fact many of traders enter market due to … Read more How much should be your Stock Trading Capital

Why traders lose money

“Most people think that they’re playing against the market, but the market doesn’t care. You’re really playing against yourself”. – Marty Schwartz. – I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again, because it cannot be overemphasized: the most important change in my trading career occurred when I learned to divorce my ego … Read more Why traders lose money

Trading Basics

Remember that becoming a profitable trader is a journey, not just a destination. The perfect trader does not yet exist. Try to become a better trader each day and enjoy the progress you make. Concentrate on learning the craft of technical analysis and on improving your trading skills, rather than focusing solely on the amount … Read more Trading Basics

Commodity Market Risk

CME Gold futures and CME Silver futures had a most volatile move in recent time yesterday.  Precious metals were continued with their fall on monday morning  but staged a miraculous recovery leaving gold with its best gain since June 2012. Gold which made a low of $1437 make a sharp pullback in evening session and … Read more Commodity Market Risk

Positional Traders Fear Test

As a trader, if you are carrying overnight position, Are you glued in front of computer screen once trading in India Market is over, continuously tracking financial news around the globe. Do you continuously track European market, US markets. Do you have Eagle Eye on SGX nifty and any move against your position increases your … Read more Positional Traders Fear Test

Do you Understand the Risk to Reward Ratio in trading

Many traders I have interacted with every first question comes up “Bramesh What is Risk to Reward Ratio your system gives, I ask what is your expectation most of amateur will answer at least 80%.” I just smile and try to explain the why traders looks for such rosy percentage.  We just need to understand … Read more Do you Understand the Risk to Reward Ratio in trading

Are you BAD Trader?

Its an well known  adage in Stock market “90% of trader lose money, 5% are at breakeven and only 5% are highly profitable trader”. So trading seems to be highly profitable profession if you are in top 5%  but its a loss making profession for remaing 95%. So let me discuss few characteristic of Bad … Read more Are you BAD Trader?

Do and Don’ts before you start trading

1. Caution. Excitement (and fear of missing an opportunity) can often persuade you to enter the market before it is safe to do so. After a downtrend, a number of rallies may fail before one eventually carries through. Likewise, the emotional high of a profitable trade may blind us to signs that the trend is … Read more Do and Don’ts before you start trading

Want to be Successful Trader ?

By Robert Prechter, Jr. President and Founder of Elliott Wave International When I first began trading, I did what many others who start out in the markets do: I developed a list of trading rules. I created the list piecemeal, with each new rule added, usually, following the conclusion of an unsuccessful trade. I continually … Read more Want to be Successful Trader ?

Are you victim of Fear Of Losing Money while trading?

As any other Business, Losses are part of trading , As a trader you are going to losses money and some point of time. Most of traders search for “Holy Grail” trading system which give them accuracy of 80-90%. Such system are advertised all over, Tip provider claim we give you 90% accuracy tips but … Read more Are you victim of Fear Of Losing Money while trading?