When To Quit Your Job to become full time trader

I have had many readers through the years and students of my trading course –most of whom were less-experienced traders–tell me that at some point in the future they planned to quit their 9-5 jobs and become a  full-time trader. Traders who have recently entered market and made good money also plan to become a … Read more

Stocks Trading Calls: LT,ITC and Axis Bank

Axis Bank Axis bank has been trading in range of 1530-1445, from past 10 trading sessions. Break of the range below 1445 can see the stock correcting till 1370 odd levels. Buy above 1457 Tgt 1464,1474 and 1484 SL 1452 Sell below 1444 Tgt 1434,1425 and 1413 SL 1452   ITC ITC, which has the … Read more

Trading Weaknesses and How to Overcome Them

Trading is a Skill and it takes time to develop the Skill.Trading is simply like learning to drive a car, it is a skill that anyone can learn. Trading doesn’t take extreme intelligence or any superhuman gifts, it simply is hard work, just like learning to drive a car. Any person who need to become … Read more

Benefits of Making a Trading Plan

I always suggests trader to create a trading plan before markets opens and strictly execute the trades as per the plan. Its a well know adage Plan the trade and Trade the plan.Most of traders trade impulsively in trading,without any plan, they go as per there intuition and end result is losses. I have written … Read more

Understanding Premium and Discount in Nifty Futures

This article will help newbie traders in understanding the difference in premium and discount in Nifty Futures and how to use them in trading. Nifty Futures is a financial instrument in which futures contracts are done on the basis of CNX  Nifty index which is the benchmark of NSE. Nifty Futures keep moving in Premium … Read more

Nifty Future Trading Strategy on Budget Day

Highlights of Economic Survey 1. FIIs sold 25  Contracts of Index Future (NSE Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures combined),worth 1.4 cores with net Open Interest increasing by 38839 contracts.FII has done rollovers yesterday and will trade heavily in March segment tommrow. 2. General Budget of 2013-14 will be presented tommrow at 11 AM. Lot … Read more

Index Outlook: 11-15 Feb

Bears kept ruling the Dalal Street for 2 week in row as Sensex and Nifty closed at 2013 low, with Nifty closing with cut of 1.5%, Mid Caps and Small caps got deeper cuts of 3% and 4% respectively. Economic data was not so encouraging with Goverment lowering GDP estimates and SEBI’s mandated minimum public … Read more

How to trade nifty and Bank nifty futures on 22 Jan

1. FIIs sold 2746 Contracts of Index Future (NSE Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures combined),worth 81 cores with net Open Interest increasing by 6426 contracts.Are you a professional stock trader ? http://bit.ly/Wajuk7 2. As CNX Nifty Future was up by 20 points with Open Interest in Index Futures increasing by 6426, so FIIs again … Read more

Larry Williams OOPS System

Today lets discuss stock market trading systems called larry williams  OOPS trading System which can be used for pattern applicable on ALL time frames, 1 minute, 5 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly stock market trading systems History: Back in 1979 Larry Williams published a description of a short-term trading method that is based … Read more

Components of a Successful Trading Plan

You must have a Mission Statement. What’s your real motivation behind your trading? You must spell out your trading/investing Goals and Objectives. You cannot get from A to B very easily unless you truly know where B is.   You must spell out your Trading/Investing Beliefs and Market Beliefs. Please remember this very important statement, … Read more