Can money be made in trading ?

  Trading is always a high return high risk game and it needs nimble trading approach with tons of discipline. Traders say its  the Big traders who move the market and we end up making loss. Well i do not buy this reasoning. The most Important part in trading is trading discipline and trading system(Throughly … Read more

Nifty Technical Levels For Expiry Week

Nifty Hourly Charts Nifty Hourly Charts are trading in a Range of 5944 0n Higher end of trading range and 5700 on lower end of trading range.We have been trading in this range for almost whole April Month. After a Big Bang rally in March which took everyone by surprise we are now consolidating the … Read more


Hi All, Today i will explain one more Trading System which is known as CAMARILLA Pivot Point which will come Handy for Day Trading Purpose. Origins of the Camarilla Equation: Discovered while day trading in 1989 by Nick Stott, a successful bond trader in the financial markets, which uses a truism of nature to define … Read more