The Big Trader’s Secret

What is the Ultimate goal of trader who trades Futures/Stocks or Commodity? The answer is quiet simple Profits. But majority of trades never achive their trading goals and are wiped out of the market. However, there are a few general trading tenets to which all successful traders have subscribed. One such trading tenet is “losing … Read more

Difference between Amateur & Professional Trader

Amateur trader are the ones who enter market to make money quickly and in turn lose most of their trading capital come back again with trading capital go bust again and cycle keeps on repeating for 3-4 years and eventually they quit market thinking its all manipulation which goes on. Amateur trader  blames market for … Read more

Gold Technical charts after worst Sell Off in 30 years

15 April is the largest one day decline from the previous day’s close @ -9.6%. Volume is already north of 530,000 There have been three rounds of liquidations.  Asian liquidation European liquidation US liquidation phase . You are witnessing an historical selling climax folks. Another trigger for selling is CME Hikes Gold, Silver Margins By … Read more

Nifty Futures Risk Management

Many traders whom i have interacted during my trading course sessions and in other forums have no idea about the returns they expect out of market. Having an expectation will help you in trading as you have some goals to achieve and you will work to reach them. If one goes for Fixed deposit you … Read more

Quotes from “Trading for a Living” by Alexander Elder

I keep reading through Trading For Living one of the best book ever written, This time i have complied quotes for the benefit of my readers.   “The market does not know you exist. You can do nothing to influence it. You can only control your behavior.”     “The ocean does not care about … Read more

Trading Errors

Ignoring the downside of a trade. Most traders, when entering a trade, look only at the money they think they will make by taking the trade. They rarely consider that the trade may go against them and that they could lose. The reality is that whenever someone buys a futures contract, someone else is selling that … Read more