Traders biggest enemy :HOPE

Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man…Friedrich Nietzsche Take an old pair of jeans and cut a hole in one of the pockets. Now, start pouring sand into that pocket. What happens? Sand runs down your leg and to the ground. What do you do? Keep … Read more

FII Derivative Data Analysis for 2 August Trade in Nifty Future

  All Eyes on US Fed will he deliver another QE3 more liquidity to Financial markets or he just sit tight for situation to get worse. QE1 and QE 2 have done nothing till date What will QE3 do ? Readers views are invited. 1. FII  sold 1048  Contracts of NF ,worth 59 cores  with … Read more

How to become a profitable trader

Trading is a profession which requires a person to be disciplined, control over his emotion, risk management. 90% of Traders fails in this profession only 10% excel.   So what makes trading so difficult? I have compiled few rules which you should adhere with and read it daily when you had a bad day. These … Read more

Can money be made in trading ?

  Trading is always a high return high risk game and it needs nimble trading approach with tons of discipline. Traders say its  the Big traders who move the market and we end up making loss. Well i do not buy this reasoning. The most Important part in trading is trading discipline and trading system(Throughly … Read more

Why Traders are unable to cut losses during trading?

As 2011 come to an end let me share an important aspect of trading Keeping losses small in order to avoid huge losses Why is that so? From a psychological point of view nobody wants to sell at a loss as in most situations in life making mistakes and admitting them is associated with being … Read more

8 reasons why stock market traders lose money

Many people think trading is the simplest way of making money in the stock market. Far from it; I believe it is the easiest way of losing money. There is an old Wall Street adage, that “the easiest way of making a small fortune in the markets is having a large fortune.” I discuss below … Read more

FII FnO Data Analysis for 21 march Trade for Nifty Futures

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Before putting forward today’s analysis let me clarify few things. Someone blamed me for his losses in past week let me put my clarification forward for the same. Why huge losses? Either You have no plan or you have excellent plan but have no faith in them. On my Site and Facebook page I will … Read more

Trading Quotes:Control Trading Emotions

A compilation of Trading Quotes which will be helpful to control your emotions during trading. Read them Daily before markets starts Belive me it will helpful in removing the mental blockade which you experience during your trading.   An avaricious or keen desire for profits is one of the most prevalent causes of failure in … Read more

What a Trader Really Needs to Be Successful

By Robert Prechter, Jr. President and Founder of Elliott Wave International When I first began trading, I did what many others who start out in the markets do: I developed a list of trading rules. I created the list piecemeal, with each new rule added, usually, following the conclusion of an unsuccessful trade. I continually … Read more