How to trade Confidently like Super Traders

Confidence is trait which a trade needs to develop to make money on consistent basis.Trading success is achieved when trader is able to execute trades confidently and overcoming trading emotions. Traders can develop confidence in long run when they have a back-tested strategy on whom they trust without any doubt, a trading plan to work … Read more

Trading Confidence

Its always said Confidence is the part of successful person.Having Confidence in ourself a person can do wonders, Same applies to trading also. Types of confidence among traders: First, is what I call ‘false confidence’ That’s the person who talks big and poses like a big shot. This type of person often takes big risks … Read more

Build your Trading Confidence

Confidence can be an important psychological tool for the trader – important enough to make the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade. When you develop your trading plan, it is obviously important that you have confidence in its accuracy and usefulness and in your belief that you can follow your plan closely … Read more