Patni Computer @Higher top formation


Patni Computers is forming Higher top formation on daily charts and taking trend line support as shown in the charts Attached. Stocks is facing a tough resistance around 530-34 zones and if that levels got crossed we may see a quick move to levels of 542 and 549. Support for the stocks comes around the … Read more Patni Computer @Higher top formation

Network 18 @ Wall of China

Network 18 and Media is at its Wall of China resistance at 109 levels.The level has been elusive to this stock for almost 6 months.RSI is showing positive and if market condition remains positve we can see breach of 109 and flying to higher range of 115 and 118 in short term. Nifty Carmillea Levels … Read more Network 18 @ Wall of China

Trading Ideas

United Phosphorus closed at its 61.8% Retracement on last Friday at 164 levels.This level should be a significant resistance,Traders should wait for the stock to show pull back till 157 levels to take further position. And if the stock crosses 167 levels instead of giving a pull back till 157 positions can be taken for … Read more Trading Ideas

Short Term Trading Pick—Jumbo Bag

Technical of Jumbo Bag Indicated accumulation Pattern in this stock is going On.Trading interest is reduced or near to null.But smart players are accumulating this stock As seen from the chart the stock is not breaking its support at 30.When ever it goes neae its lower range volumes increases on that day. 5 EMA is … Read more Short Term Trading Pick—Jumbo Bag