Technical Calls:RIL,SBI and JSPL

Reliance Reliance is forming a Flag Pattern which is bullish if we see a follow up move and close above 898. Any close above 898 will propel stock towards 953 odd levels. Buy above 881 Tgt 885, 888 and 895 SL 877 Sell below 876 Tgt 872,866 and 860 SL 880   JSPL JSPL has … Read more Technical Calls:RIL,SBI and JSPL

Technical Calls:RIL,Axis Bank and REC limited

Education plays an important role in shaping the way traders think about trading. A formal business education can give you an edge in understanding the economy and the market in general–but it is no guarantee of success in trading. Most of the information you learned in a formal college setting will not give you the … Read more Technical Calls:RIL,Axis Bank and REC limited

Technical Calls:RIL,SBIN and Onmobile

“The best traders don’t think about how many millions they need to make each year.  They focus on making the best trading decision they can with each trade they make. And if there isn’t a good trading opportunity right now, they have the discipline to do nothing and just wait. Concentrating on one trade at … Read more Technical Calls:RIL,SBIN and Onmobile

Technical Calls:RIL,SBIN and Raymonds

Raymonds   Raymonds have a excellent trade set up with good risk to reward ratio. Stock is oversold on daily charts and trading at lower end of trading range @321 as yesterdays fall was with negligible volumes as compared to previous trading sessions. Buy above 327 Tgt 334,339 and 345 .   Reliance RIL has … Read more Technical Calls:RIL,SBIN and Raymonds