How to trade in Futures and Options, Derivative Trading profitably

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that trading in Nifty,Stocks Commodity or Forex future game is easy. It is one of the most diffcut business to be in, As per Stats out of 100% 90% traders looses money in futures trading, 5% be at breakeven and only 5% are the one who make astrnomical sums … Read more

Short Term Trading Pick—Jumbo Bag

Technical of Jumbo Bag Indicated accumulation Pattern in this stock is going On.Trading interest is reduced or near to null.But smart players are accumulating this stock As seen from the chart the stock is not breaking its support at 30.When ever it goes neae its lower range volumes increases on that day. 5 EMA is … Read more

Canara Bank Flag Formation

On Daily Charts 370 levels is providing very good support as shown in Charts So keep a Sl below that Position. On Weekly Charts we are seeing a formation of Flag and Pole Pattern.It is consolidating in the range of 370-395 for few trading Sessions.Once it breaks that level we may see 404 408 and … Read more

Primal Healthcare @Resistance Zone

 In the recent advance of 2009, it thrust above that zone and now in the consolidation zone above that mark. As per the last two weeks price rise, it has formed the fresh buying pivot while the supporting oscillators are also confirming further up move in the near term. So one can accumulate in a … Read more