FII Derivative Data Analysis before the June RBI Policy

Ahead of its interest rate decision tomorrow, the RBI paints a picture of a stagflationary economy in its quarterly report. “The near-term outlook on inflation continues to be marked by a number of upside risks, despite the significant slowdown in growth … fiscal and monetary space to stimulate … remain limited.” Inflation worries are likely … Read more

Nifty Weekly Analysis for Week starting 30 April

The April Series has been listless series which can be best summarized as the series of consolidation after a Topsy turfy ride in volatile march series. Consolidation is an integral part of market which is very much required before next big move. May Series promises to be a month of big moves. Lets jump into … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis for Week Begining 27 Feb

The much anticipated downward correction materialized during the week gone by.Nifty corrected after 7 weeks of breath taking rally which was surprise for most of market participants. Nifty is approaching monthly closing in next 3 days which will be keenly watch. Nifty Hourly Chart On Hourly chart Nifty was able to fill 2 gaps as … Read more