2014 Lok Sabha Election:Can NDA win 272 seats, Political Analysis

Lok Sabha Election results will be out of 16 May. Lets discuss the possibility of NDA gaining the magic Figure of 272 The NDA performance in 2009 election was  BJP (116 Lok Sabha seats), Shiv Sena (11) and Shiromani Akali Dal (4). To achieve the magic figure of It must more than double its present … Read more

Nifty Harmonic pattern and Crab Pattern Analysis

Lets analyze Nifty future move for May month using Harmonic pattern using AB=CD and Crab Pattern. Nifty Harmonic pattern The Harmonic pattern bearish AB = CD formation    AB leg is from 5118 to 6415 took 16 Weeks to form with a rally of 1313 points. BC leg is from 6415 to 5933 (which is … Read more

Stock market movement prior and after Lok Sabha election

In our last post Nifty reaction to Lok Sabha election results we had a discussion on various scenarios which are possible. Lets discuss who can an “Investor” also use the Lok Sabha election event to rejig portfolio. In an election year, equities usually go up in the run-up to elections, and Market will always give Thumb … Read more