Stock Trading Explained:HUL, TV 18 and Infosys

Blind risk is the calling card of laziness: the irrational hope, something for nothing, the cold twist of fate, winning the lottery, etc. Blind risk is the pointless gamble, the emotional decision, or the sucker play. The man who embraces blind risk never wins in the long run. TV 18 Media stocks have been in … Read more

Swing Trading Stock:ICICI Bank,Tata Global and Ranbaxy

When a trade goes against us, it is tempting to find some external source to blame. Identifying a scapegoat may make us feel better in the short term, but we lose the benefit of examining our own decisions and looking for flaws in our thought process. One analogy is plane crashes. Whenever there is a … Read more

Stock Trading Recommendations:Adani Ent,Adani Ports and Hind Zinc

Trading is one business that can give you highs and lows pretty quickly. It is in these highs and lows, traders make stupid mistakes like getting overcautious in lows and throwing all caution to winds in highs. A trader should never get carried away or bogged down by success and failure. Remember, trading is a … Read more

Technical Stock Analysis:Bata,Rel Infra and Rel Capital

When a position is getting ready to stop you out at a loss, do you find yourself bargaining with the name? Do you find your frustration level rising? Do you justify the reason for the move against you, and give it a little more room, only to get stopped out at a bigger loss? Or … Read more