VIX gives Breakout, FII FnO Data Analsysis

FIIs sold  Index Future of 2 cores with net Open Interest decreasing by 2995 contracts,with the Rupee going in downward spiral FII have just stop the fund flow to India and the reason we are seeing nominal selling in Index Futures and consistent selling of 100+ cores in cash market. Fall In Rupee is a … Read more

FII F&O Data analysis for 6 Sep trade in Nifty Future

Don’t lose your stake. A speculator without cash is like a store-owner with no inventory. Cash is your inventory, your lifeline, and your best friend. Without cash, you are out of business. Don’t lose your line. There is no place in speculating for hoping, for guessing, for fear, for greed, for emotions. The tape tells … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis for Week Beginning 04 June

Last Week was a shocker from Macro Point of View as India’s gross domestic product growth slowed to 6.5% in 2011-12 (Apr-Mar) from 8.4% a year ago and Growth was just 5.3% lowest in last 10 years. From Global perceptive: The HSBC Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for China fell to 48.7 in May from 49.3 … Read more

Nifty Weekly Technical Analysis for Week 26 September

After the drubbing that Nifty received last week which was highly volatile where on Tuesday we are so close of breaking the 5169 level which is upper end of trading range but on Thursday we gave 4.5% in single session and eventually on Friday broke the lower end at 4900 and closed below it. Before … Read more

Nifty Trading Levels for 14 September

Human emotion is both the source of opportunity in trading and the greatest challenge. Master it and you will succeed. Ignore it t your peril. Nifty Hourly Nifty had a roller coaster ride today Rising almost 90 Points than falling -30 Points, Volatility is at its peak. Trend is down but its very difficult to … Read more

Nifty Expiry Range for April Series

Nifty Hourly Chart Nifty Hourly Charts are showing selling near the falling trendline and now breakout has come on a close above 5905.On Hourly chart Nifty is SELL till it does not close above 5853 levels.As Nifty is Still trading above 5833 which is close of Last Expiry it is positive for BULLS. This Expiry … Read more