Emotional Swings During Day Trading:How to Conquer them

Lets illustrate the trading emotion using an Intraday Trades,similar emotions can occur over Swing trades and positional trades ranging for weeks or even months. 9:15 AM: You watch as the market opens. You are looking for a good buy entry point into Reliance Infra@330 based on your analysis you think that Reliance Infra  has bottomed out … Read more

Successful Day Traders Secrets

When a trader takes a trade,  they experience wide range of emotions from panic in case trade is nearing stop loss to Greed when trade is nearing  target thinking “Aur upar jayega abhi Hold karo” This attitude of trade lead to looses. Yesterday ie. Budget Day many traders did not book profit when Nifty/stock were … Read more

Common Trading Mistakes to avoid in 2013

2012 will be an History after 11 Hours. As a Stock market trader we need to evolve as per market dynamics and be prepared to hit your goals. Traders should do brain storming and self evaluation to highlight the mistake which can ruin their trading account if not contained.Below are few mistakes traders should avoid … Read more