Short Term Trades:Apollo Tyre,Rel Infra and Bharat Forge

Remember, Trader is a Chowkidaar. He is paid to watch and not think. So, don’t apply your brains when you are not supposed to. Trade what you see and not what you think. Always approach market with open and opportunistic mindset. Remember, the disbelief comes from thinking. Please try to see the market as it … Read more

Stock Trading Chart: IDFC, Indian Bank and Dish TV

The key to trading success is emotional discipline. If intelligence were the key, there would be a lot more people making money trading… I know this will sound like a cliche, but the single most important reason that people lose money in the financial markets is that they don’t cut their losses short.” IDFC IDFC … Read more

Stock Trading Chart: Ranbaxy,Reliance Capital and IDFC

The purpose of trading is to make money. Every action should bend to that goal. That does not mean every trade makes money. It means every trade gets to closer. If you are looking for comfort, get a teddy bear. If you are looking to be right, play trivial pursuit. If you want excitement, drive … Read more

Want to Day Trade? How to Avoid Day Trading Mistakes

When an amateur financial market participants are made reference to word Day Trading eyes glistens with dreams of  making millions in quick time. So  does Really Day trading is so simple. As you have to keep sitting in front of your screen buying and selling stocks and make huge profits. So How much do day … Read more