The shocking news for the day was Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers finally tendering in his resignation. But more shocking than his resignation were the revelations he made about the balance sheet. If we thought that the Maytas imbroglio was one big scam, then the revelations made in the balance sheet shocked everyone into a … Read more

Twiggs Money Flow indicator warns a trend reversal in Sensex

Chart shows 4 year chart of Sensex with Twiggs Money Flow indicator. Twiggs Moneyflow indicator(13 Week) shows that a drop down below zero with negative divergenceshow the confirmation of trend reversal towards downwards. And this is the third timethe indicator is dropping below zero. Every Upside should be use as an opportunity tobuild shorts with … Read more

Reasons for Investment in Satyam Computers

Satyam Computers The company has seen a severe beating because of a decision to buyout or say bailout Maytas ( satyam = maytas ) infra n maytas properties. This would have meant transferring shareholder money into promoters pockets indirectly whatever be the valuation given. Although such a move has been a major sentimental and reputation … Read more