Kotak bank looking bullish

20 DMA BREAKOUT!!!The stock future recovered nicely from days low and closed with a gain of3.98% on Tuesday’s session. The stock has also given close above its 20DMA with good amount of volumes. Leading Indicator RSI (RelativeStrength Index) is rising with positive divergence and is sustaining abovethe benchmark level of 50. Considering the technical evidences … Read more Kotak bank looking bullish

"Zurich Axioms" :12 rules that can save you further losses.

First Major Axiom: On Risk“Worry is not a sickness but sign of health. If you are not worried, you are not risking enough”.Adventure is what makes life worth living. Every occupation has its aches and pains. The rich have to worry about their wealth. But, if there is a choice between remaining poor and worry-free, … Read more "Zurich Axioms" :12 rules that can save you further losses.

Nifty weekly Chart for 25-29 August

WEEK GONE BY_____________Support was expected & suggested(last week) at previous resistance trendline(now support trendline) around Nifty 4230, Nifty bounced from 4248 on Friday,contrary to expectations. WEEK AHEAD___________Nifty has taken supports as expected, but still weakish. Nifty is strong/weak above/below 4370 for the week. Nifty very weak on close below 4200, very strong on close above … Read more Nifty weekly Chart for 25-29 August