The Charts show Nifty tracked with 20 day Moving Average of PutCallRatio PUT-CALL RATIO = Sum over all Strike Prices and All Expiry Months of {(Price of Put*Volume)/Open Interest of the Put}/{(Price of Call*Volume)/Open Interest of Call} MANDATORY WARNING—To Keep things simple the chart has been inverted so that the Highs align with Tops and … Read more CATCHING REVERSALS—TOOL 1 (PUT-CALL RATIOS)

Why the Dow Is Headed to 6000

By: Serge Hagopian The global capital-market rally since the March lows was a great trading opportunity, but the rally may have been based on shifting-sentiment (as opposed to structural improvements in the economy). The market was “pricing in” (or hoping for) a quick recovery; even though there was no evidence to suggest clear-&-compelling improvement in … Read more Why the Dow Is Headed to 6000