Tr ading calls

NIFTY ANALYSIS : What a boring day! All the day Nifty trading in a narrow range of 50 point and finally closed almost 20 point up from it’s a previous day closing. After a strong rally of five day and almost 800 point correction from that Nifty try to stable at some level so it … Read more

27 th July outlook

Nifty analysis shown. RBI CREDIT POLICY ON 29TH JULY,Unless RBI plays spoilsport, there are no immediate negative triggers for Indian share markets. Some + Factors:Marginal Fall in Inflation.Last 2 days i enjoyed rainfall in mumbai & met dept also + about the average rainfallFII turn BuyersCrude Oil 21$ down from high & more to come … Read more

16 July

Well it’s the best time to go for treasure hunting with a prospective of 1 year. But i like to make money in short term where both challenges and risk are more Well starting with calls for tomorrow Call’s 1. Ranbaxy the stock is being butchered like anything.Best time to accumulate this scrip but in … Read more