Course Content:

  • Understanding and Developing a Traders Mindset
  • Understanding Emotional Hijack and Emotional Intelligence
  • Quadrant Trading System for Intraday Trading Nifty Future
  • Nifty Initial Range Calculation for Intraday Trading
  • Expiry Range Calculation
  •  OHL Strategy for Quick gains in Day Trading
  • How to Trade  Gaps in Nifty/Bank Nifty/Stocks in Day Trading
  • How to Analyses FII Position in NF
  • Stocks Intraday Trading System
  • Moving Averages : Logic and Its use
  • Expiry Positional System
  • Price Action Positional System
  • How to find fast fall and fast rise in Nifty/Bank Nifty/Stocks in Day Trading
  •  FII Data Analysis to find Trend Change For Positional Trading
  • Range Expansion  Trade Set up
  • Nifty Option Data Analysis For Options Trading

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285 thoughts on “Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders

  1. Ram Hampalle says:

    I am interested for your course ( For Pro traders ). I am from Pune, Maharashtra. Please send me course detail and mode also. (i.e. offline or online)

  2. Sridhara S says:


    Pl send me the details of your technical course, duration, mode of communication / training, Fees etc., to my email id. I am located at BANGALORE.


  3. Nilanchal Pattanaik says:

    I am interested in the Course as I have lost a lot of money in trading without having sufficient knowledge on it. Please provide the detail.

  4. sandeep singh says:

    i really want to join your course for earning in stock market. (till i hve lost only)
    but i want to join course for F & o and future options.

    pls send the details.

  5. RAVINDA KUMAR N says:

    Sir, please let me know whether Buy/Sell signals based on Harmonic Patterns will come in the software for Indian Stocks and Commodities ? Further, inform the TA course details.

  6. Dr.M.Sundaramurthi says:

    Can u plz send me the course details and the charges for TA course…also plz let me know the details of basic course and also gann analysis course.

  7. kamal says:

    hello sir
    i am earning CONSISTENT profit with these strategies
    thanks for making me capable for trading like professional traders
    RECOMMENDED for those who want to trade like professionals & who want to make consistent profits

  8. Ramesh U says:

    This is Ramesh.U request you to provide the details of seminar and TA Course. Available in chennai please let me know soon .

  9. Aravind says:

    I am interested in joining your trading programmes. Please do let me know the duration and fees for all the courses.


  10. sathya says:

    hi I would like take the Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders,please send the course fee and details to my mail and also the duraton

  11. Srijith says:

    Dear Sir, Please send me details of “Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders” including course contents and fee to my mail. I am located in Bangalore, do you conduct training in Bangalore or Is it online.

  12. Frederick R. says:


    Though I have been following online charts in several sites (like yours) I don;t know the basics. It is just following the red/green lines and stochastics lines! I would like undergo your “Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders”. Please send me all details.

    Also, please let me know whether the “Basic Technical Analysis Course” topics are covered in the Professional course or I have to undergo the Basic Course initially.


  13. Chandra Sekhar says:

    Hi Bramesh,

    I am a regular follower of your daily NF and BNF analysis. I am interested in your workshop for professional traders course. I am currently in Bangalore. Could you please send me the course details. Wanted to check, if I can attend from Bangalore.
    My mail ID:


  14. MC MUTHIAH says:

    Dear BRamesh
    I am interested in the TA course that you offer. Pl send details of the same. Thank you for the wonderful effort.

  15. sandeep says:

    sir pls send ur course details
    i know about candle stick chart very well but not succed so what type of course will be useful for me so pls send details and course fees my capital is 5lacks

  16. Mohanan V R says:

    Dear Mr. Bramesh

    Greetings from the capital of Kerala, Tiruvananthapuram. I am a senior citizen focusing on intraday traiding mostly watching the charts tick-by-tick every minute….and sometimes win and all the times end in utmost failure.

    kindly send the details of your course.

    Thanking you

  17. durairajan says:

    respected sir,, i am your long time follower. i would like to trade with the help of your trend changer level. i always believe possitional trade in bank nifty and nifty .so kindly give the full detail of your workshop to me have my mail id .thanks in advance.

  18. A.S. Chakraborty says:

    Hi Brameshji,
    I am in the stock market for as long as 17 years and suffered considerable amount of losses. Now, being totally dejected and living in a precarious financial condition, seriously thinking of quitting. I found you as my last ray of hope. I need your help badly.

  19. soumya says:

    Sir I would like take the Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders,please send the course fee and details to my mail.u can send me the videos of ur teaching.

  20. Ashok.R says:

    Before anyone plans to takeup trading seriously one should equip themselves with proper techniques, good psychology and correct money management. This course fits the bill perfectly and Mr.Bramesh is a very good guide. If one sticks to the system and discipline the course fee can be got back in notime.
    It is working for me. It will work for you too.

  21. Pongurusamy - +91-9444132129 says:

    Hello Brahmesh,
    Thanks for your blog
    Last one month i am regularly watching your blog its very helpful
    Can you send me the course details

  22. Krishna says:

    Hello BRamesh,
    NIce to get to know this blog.
    would appreciate if you could share the course details, training details, duration, content costs, etc.. to my email address
    is there any virtual training done through skype or other modes?
    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  23. Rohit says:

    Hi All,

    Just few months back i completed Workshop for Professional Stock Market Traders, Thanks to Bramesh Sir for giving me complete training on trading in intra-day and positional activities and correcting my way of thinking in trading.

    About the course:
    The moment you start with this course you will get to know where you been going wrong in your trading activities no matter how long years you spent in market or how much of trading information you carry with yourself. This course is of 5 session and at the end of 2nd session i was completely aware of the amount of time i need to spend on study and the plan to execute before i enter into the market. After that 2nd session my way of trading had been completely changed with positive outcome.

    Off course this is not free course it comes with some fee to complete it, But much better to pay some fee to gain some important knowledge on trading rather than loosing some capital in stock which is not executed with proper plan and strategy.

    If you want to improve your plan and strategy in your trading activities all i can say is this course is the one pit stop where in you can revamp your trading vehicle and win all the upcoming races in trading.

  24. nirav says:

    please give the details of the course and fees for workshop for professional stock market traders and if possible call on the no. 9726353979 or mail me the details of schedule and course.

  25. GURUDEV says:

    pl send the complete course details . I’m from Bangalore. Duration,Fees,place etc all those details which i should know.New to market.and aspirant to learn and trade independently without any tips. saw ur blogs, very impressive.My email id

  26. R.P.S.P.VEERRAJU says:

    Sir, I am interested in doing workshop for professional trader, so an you please send me the details of it, mentioning fees, location or mode?
    Thanking you

  27. Pravin says:

    sir my name is gaikwad pravin intrested in your professional trader wrkshp can u send me details of this courses like duration , fees, and which you manly focuse in this course , and where we done this course its available in online mode and how much accurecy aftr i done this course and how much take to time i do confidently etc pls answer my all quriey in detils, and my mail id wating your reply i hope you answer all my quries

  28. S NAGARAJAN says:


    Pl send me the details of your technical course, duration, mode of communication / training, Fees etc to me email id. I am located at BANGALORE.



  29. raashid says:

    Sir gd evening. I just know little basics. I want to trade in f & o on intraday basis. Is there any course that will help me. Please reply me on my email Id with course details, duration, timings, fees

  30. Nimesh says:

    Hello sir,
    Congratulations for having such a nice & informative blog. I am new to your blog but i found it very interesting & good. I have two questions for you.
    1. When to act o your intraday calls? means positions should be taken as soon as given levels cross even though they cross with in few minutes after opening or one should wait at least 15 mins. after market opening to start trading? plz explain.
    2. I am interested in doing workshop for professional trader, so an you please send me the details of it, mentioning fees, location or mode?

  31. anand says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please send me details about the workshop for professional traders and do conduct workshops these days ?


  32. Dinesh says:


    I am interested in detail Technical analysis course.
    Please let me know course details, fees, schedule(I am based out of Gurgaon)


  33. V Manjunath says:

    I am interested in Professional technical course,but I am in Mysore Karnataka ,please mail me details with course fee….

  34. tushar raj says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a trader n from ranchi (jharkhand),i want to join ur TA course..please send me all the details on my email id asap..

  35. sriram says:

    hi sir,
    i have readed ur index knowledge about intraday trading.hoping its a valuable information i got from you..and i need all ur workshop material.and need to know costs.thank u verymuch sir!
    take care!

  36. Gurudas says:

    I am from Kolkata,West Bengal.Pl send the details of the course content,time duration and fees.
    Thanks & Regards

  37. Chandrashekar says:

    Hi Bramesh,

    I just want to put on record my thanks for the quality of the course content. It represents stupendous value and you’ve made yourself available on a constant basis to guide me forward. It is clearly evident you are genuinely interested in helping people. Thanks for the encouragement Bramesh and the great course. You truly are the mentor


  38. Suman says:

    Please send me details of the “Professional workshop” course.

    Is the SAR method included in the course.

    Best regards,

  39. Vaishav Shukla says:

    A very Good course which every trader must do.. Positional Trading Strategies are awesome & mindblowing…Intraday Trading strategy is good but requires great akills & reflexes to execute.. If you want to be profitable trader don’t wait.. Thank you so much Brahmesh Sir…

  40. Lotus says:

    Dear Sir,

    I appreciate your time for brief analysis and articles which you share with other through your site.

    I’m a working professional and can spend around 10 MIN approximately every 1 to 2 hours as per day schedule to check the market and traded instrument price. I Can’t seat in front of chart.

    I would like to take training from you for Trend change level, positonal, particularly. As I’m more interested in future trading would like to work with said system on Hourly basis to minimize losses, if TCL can be calculated hourly. Request you to send details

    Awaiting your reply.
    Thanks & Regards,

  41. samit says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been studying market since 2-3 years & know basics thoroughly..
    I need advanced / Professional Trading course which may cover different trading strategies / concepts for trading…
    Can you help me out?? Also please send me details about your advanced Professional course…

  42. Sharath says:

    Dear Bramesh Sir
    I would like to join and learn Technical Analysis from you. Are you giving classroom training or online?

    Please email course details.

    Also, when is the next batch starting and what is the course Fee?

    Best Wishes

  43. Ramen says:

    you r too good as a man and analyser.bcase i learn and applied it with your learning disciplined n LOGIC …become a comfort trader not gambler n speculator…THANKS …..THANKS…N BIG THANKS

  44. Arun says:


    Very impressed with your style of Approach in writing articles. With the Intraday data of 5 years i have back tested my strategy and it gave an Average of 4 in 1587 trades. I could not increase above that. Thinking to take your advice in trading strategies after seeing your articles. Please provide the details to . And also suggest whether 4 points average in nifty is worth a try.

  45. Minoo Daruwala says:

    With so many people wanting to join your course but not many have received your response,including me even after requesting twice.Does the Professional trader workshop really exist?If so then please respond and conduct such a workshop.

  46. k.venkateswara rao says:

    dear Ramesh
    technical training details and fees structure , time table period of training, please send . I am a senior citizen, am I eligible to understand and follow the subject?.

  47. RR Shukla says:

    First of all let me thank you for writing article on regular basis which increases knowledge of people like me.
    Please let me know when you are conducting training for professional levels in Mumbai and also what will be fees and timings


  48. komal.s says:

    Dear Sir
    Thanks you for teaching me,i have read several books and read my online articles
    but no one ever teaches others abt method of trading or a trading plan
    its most only their experience’s
    i really appreciate this help of yours in helping others like me
    who have lost the way in trading
    and after taking your training course,i feel i am getting back on the road as you mentioned in your trading plan study with Discipline
    in the end i say i no longer loose my control and its thanks to you
    a few words of Appreciation
    The best gift you are giving us is your time and Knowledge
    sharing is something is great
    in last i once again thank you for your time and your teachings

  49. saif alavi says:

    dear ramesh ji,
    kindly send me the course details on my e-mail id, let me know about the extent of accuracy of these systems. You have often mentioned about the usage of good and profitable “trading system” giving accurate buy and sell signals. Kindly throw some light on the same in terms of there accuracy and cost….thanks and regards.

  50. swapnil says:

    I’m interested in opting for professional trading course.I have been trading for past 2 years.Can you please mail me details of the course. e.g. duration,fees etc. I’m interested in offline course.I”m based in mumbai.

  51. Rajendra S says:


    Happy Independence Day !!!

    I would like to join your Workshop for professional traders. Kindly arrange to send the details. I will prefer if it is online.


  52. Kamlakar says:

    Hi Brahmesh,
    for last 2 years I am regular visitor of your website & found very helpful. Because of not getting much time from day to day work schedule, I would be thankful to you for your online trading course.

    Please mail the online trading course fees & details.

    Thanks for maintaining such a informative website.

  53. balasubramanyam prabhala says:

    pl send me the details of all the technical analysis courses u offer both online and if any workshops in any city. and the fee.

    also let me know the fee based technical recommendations u offer and the subscription amount for different packages.

    i personally like your commentry and i want to seriously learn and master this art/science.


  54. shammi says:

    hello sir, let me know your courses available & FEE structure.I wanna join you last week of this month.both Online – offline options are there or no ?THANKS

  55. S.Karthikeyan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to join your course. Please send the full details about the course and the fee for the same.

    Your writings on the right attitude, needed for trading, is immensely helpful and I am one among the many new traders to have been grately benefitted by that. Thank you Sir.

    Thanks and Regards,

  56. Lalit Singh says:

    Hi Sir,
    Hopefully you are doing well,I like your work on your site and a follower for last 6-7 years on your site,when you used to have just blog not proper site.I have been observing you since long and seeing you growing.Now i want your help to improve my skills in stock market.kindly provide me details of this course and be my Dronacharya
    ,The GURU not just trainer.i am passionate about stock market and want to make it big.

    Best Regards
    Lalit Singh

  57. akshaya says:

    what is the mode of teaching ? I have no knowledge about programming.
    Is it possible to trade with Amibroker chart.Whether this chart gives buy/sell signals automatically? What shall be the monthly expenditure using Amibroker.



  58. Jatin says:

    Hello Bramesh, hope your are going good.

    I really appreciate ur efforts and hard word that u have undertaken to make new traders like me aware of many things that are really effective. Further i would like to take up your course. Kindly let me know the details. Take care n happy trading. 🙂

  59. Su Saravana Perumaal says:

    Dear Mr Bramesh,

    Kindly send the details regarding W/s for Pro Traders. Fee, Date, Online / Offline etc.,

    Thanks and Regards

    Su Saravana Perumal

  60. Sharmaji says:


    I am interested in the pro course but I can only do it online, could you please send me the details/duration/mode and fees.

    Look forward to hear form you


  61. charu mohan says:

    I have recently completed the Professional Market trader course from Bramesh sir and am impressed and overawed with the techniques and discipline that he teaches in this course.

    I were always skeptic of technical analyis and used to think that it’s only money which can move the markets or stocks.
    How can some levels and lines tell me where the market wants to go and how can once actually profit using those was always an enigma to me.
    After attending the course,i now understand the importance of technicals and i guess it’s only Bramesh who deftly combines it with the real Money flow to build consistent profit making strategies.

    Ovreall i feel now i know techniques which actually work and which are a combination of discipline, technicals, strategies and actual money flows.
    Thankyou Bramesh sir for all the eye opening gyaan.

    Charu Mohan.

  62. John says:

    pl send the complete course details . I’m from Bangalore. Duration,Fees,place etc all those details which i should know.New to market.Desperate to learn.saw ur blogs, very impressive.. also the next course date in case i cant make it now..

  63. Rakesh says:

    Very nice and accurate projections from you. Would like to get the details on your TA course.
    Pls forward the details to the email id mentioned in this form.

  64. nikhil says:

    Hi Bramesh,

    I have been following you since quite some time now and i make sure i visit your website everyday in the evening. Just wanted to know about your course as well. Where are you based at and do you conduct workshops all across the country.

  65. Bramesh says:

    Dear Dakshji,

    I have sent you the detailed course details, Please have a look and let me know if you still have some question. Will be happy to clarify them.


  66. daksh says:

    sir my name is daksh oswal intrested in your profesinal trder wrkshp cn u send me detils of this courese like duration , fess, and which you manly focuse in this course , and where we done this course its avlible in online mode and how much accurecy aftr i done this course and how much take to time i do confidently etc pls answer my all quriey in detils, and my mail id wating your reply i hope you answer all my quries

  67. DN SHUKLA says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Afternoon.
    Currently I am in Ghaziabad near Delhi. In case I wish to opt for your course what are the details? Is it online? what is the fee structure? Timing etc. Since trading is not my main source of income(I am having a regular 9-5 job (5 days a week) I have to adjust my schedule. Is it possible for you to send the course details.

  68. prasan jain says:

    i am from delhi and wish to do your course, how can i do it? is there any online course available. and what are the charges for the same?
    prasan jain

  69. Nishant Kanani says:

    Hello sir,

    I am interested for your course ( For Pro traders ). I am from Jamnagar, Gujarat. Please send me course detail and mode also. (i.e. offline or online)

    Thanking You,

    Nishant Kanani

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