Psychological and Performance Coaching


  • Why Traders Lose Discipline in Intraday Trading
  • Identifying Your Ideal Trading State in Intraday Trading
  • How to Deal with Distraction and Refocus
  • How to Maintain Concentration
  • Why Traders Run losses and cut profits
  • Recondition Brain for Trading Success
  • How to Handel a Loss and Manage Stress
  • Understand Dopamine Role in in Intraday Trading
  • Deal With Negative Emotions Positively
  • Develop a Risk Mindset
  • Unable to Pull the Trigger
  • Improve Trade Execution in Intraday Trading
  • How to Stop Overtrading
  • Understanding Psychological state of Helplessness in Intraday Trading
  • How to let Good Time Last more
  • Trading Evaluation Process using Performance Metrics
  • What is consistency in trading?
  • How to be Resilient Trader?
  • How to Increase Trade Size
  • How to Recondition mind for New in Intraday Trading Behavior

Note: This course is recommended for traders having a successful trading strategy but having issues with implementation due to psychological  bottleneck.