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What a trader requires to be Successful and Profitable ?

First, just as you should not trade based on a faulty idea, you should not use sand as a building material. Second, you need a solid trading plan as your trading – without it, you’ll slip into the sea, where 90% of traders reside.

First, you need to trade with a trading system and trading strategy. This means you need to  avoid all those hot tips,multi bagger ideas,jackpot calls , and ignore the so called experts  on blue channels. What you need to do is have a trading strategy that has been properly researched and tested. Then, you need the emotional power to trade the proven idea as is, without fail. Obviously, there are a lot to these two steps, but if you ignore them your trading house might as well be built of sand.

Second, a trading plan is essential to have a solid foundation, BEFORE you enter the markets with real money. What is involved in a trading plan? A good trading plan is written just like a business plan, since if you don’t treat trading as a business, you are destined to fail. So, all the sections that make up a good business plan (Mission, Products, Operation, Strategies, Disaster Plan, Financials, etc) should be in your trading plan. The more time you spend on this plan, the stronger your foundation will be.

Just as “castles made of sand, fall in the sea, eventually,” traders who ignore the fundamental ideas of

1) Trading a sound concept

2) Having a trading plan

will soon find themselves adrift in the “Sea of Losers.” Don’t let that be you.

As discussed above the ingredients for successful trading we teach them as a part of our trading courses and make traders comfortable in  learning how to trade using Intraday and Positional Trading Platforms and mastering trading psychology for Trading in Nifty and Stocks.

Trading is not an easy game but with a proper understanding of the realities of trading and the psychological issues we all encounter, you can shorten your learning curve. There are no black box answers but general guide lines go a long way toward attaining success if you follow them. Most traders fail because they lack a disciplined approach. Mostly, they fail because they fail to execute their plan. And that includes letting winners ride and more importantly, cutting losses.

Using an automated, rules-based approach insures that you will follow the rules that you have set up. The emotion is taken out of your trading decisions. Orders are entered immediately for instant execution. No second-guessing or hesitating, good, bad or otherwise. You will be disciplined. This is what my workshop is all about and I give you my the same proprietary tools that I use to implement for your own trading. I can’t make it any easier. 

What you will learn after doing the course?

You will learn to trade in professional manner having proper entery,exit levels with Sl. Trade with proper risk management and position sizing. You will just need to follow the given set of rules of trading system. Following the system with proper discipline, you will see that the two most important enemies of stock market – fear and greed – will leave your mind for good.

In short, u will learn WHEN TO TRADE and WHEN NOT TO TRADE-and the latter is as important as the former because doing the trade at the wrong time can lead to big losses.

We offer the following  Courses to help you out in Trading:

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  1. Vivek Jha

    Sir want to do stock option specially in derivatives, want to learn technical chart analysis and how to create strategies.

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    I want to learn nifty/banknifty if you have any course regarding that plz send me the details. You have online course how it is conduct and what are the charges plz let me know.

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    I have reading through your posts on your website as well as twitter. Really appreciate you accurate levels. I mostly trade in options of Nifty/BankNifty. Wanted to check if you have any related courses? Please share details.

  4. Anamika

    Want to learn Nifty/BankNifty option strategy. Do you have related course? Please share details.

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  6. Rajeev Juneja

    Hello Brahmeshji : Good Morning. I wish to learn one of yr courses too which carries Gann analysis and TS neural analysis: please advise details. Tks & Best Regds.

  7. Sinoy

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    I have seen the daily recommendation by you for the intraday trading. Further, I would like to study on how these target/stop loss values can be calculated and executed on intraday trading effectively.
    Please mail me the courese details

  8. Arsenio de Souza

    Kindly let me know how to go ahead. Do you conduct online / classroom training for the same? What are the modules you offer – a short basic or a comprehensive full length. Also the cost implications as well as payment mode.
    Thanking you
    Regards and God bless

  9. Akul

    Can you please send the details of technical courses ? I am a particularly interested in trading using time cycle theory. Thanks!

  10. mahendra more

    Bremesh sir…i m reading your blog from long time..I want to learn technical analysis…but not sure which course to take…..so recommend me which course I should take

  11. Suddharsan Dhanakoti Subbramaniyam

    Dear sir,

    I want trade only nifty and banknifty. Need to build strategies. Kindly help me with a course and fees.

    Thank you

  12. Aditya

    Hi Sir,
    Kindly send the fees details , how will you teach etc , I was hoping that how to read charts faster and get better entries , many times it is range or SL hits than price goes.

  13. Aditya

    Hi , Sir
    I need help , I have proper strategy like yours but in live market , I can’t cut ranges and I cannot hold profit trades . so I am break even and loosing money despite proper strategy . Can u please look at my trading sheet and tell me In which course you teach this thing .

  14. mani

    i want to learn the techniques of trading pl send me the details to my id lvmasi@gmail,com

  15. amol

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    i am full time trader and want to learn a technical analysis to give extra advantage to my trading strategies. kindly mail me details of course or courses you think suitable for me so i can join you to learn the same.
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    Sir, please provide me all these course fee.
    i have been following in twitter. and i wanted to learn from your knowledge and experience.


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    Kindly Send me details of the course along With Fee Structure.

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    Hi Bramesh Sir, I would like to enroll for “Learn Harmonic Trading” course. kindly share the details. Thanks, Shivakumar

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    I would like to do the couse “Workshop for Stock and Commodity Market Traders”. Pl send the relevant details on jadhavijay@gmail.com. I live in Navi Mumbai



  21. sriram sharma

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    I want to learn option trading ,reading market data and analyse trend etc …etc….please suggest best course and provide details for that.

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    Am intrested in all your courses . Can you please let me know the Time Frame, Duration, Location Online/Offline and Cost of all your courses.

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    I’m keen to attend your course… Please send me all the course details along with the fees structure.

    Harsimran Singh

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    Kindly Send me details of the course along With Fee Structure.

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    Rahul Sachdeva

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    Hi, I am interested to learn, so can you send me the course details?
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    Kindly send me all the details about Training Courses you offer.

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    I am great fan of your analyzing skills, Your analytical skills are pretty useful to make good profits and I would like to take up the trading course that you have been offering, I request you to send me the course details.

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