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Top Crypto Lending Tools in 2021

By | July 28, 2021

Crypto lending platforms are online platforms that permit people to lend their cryptocurrencies for several rates of interest. Borrowers, who require physical money, will take a crypto loan from the crypto lending platforms for a specific interest rate. Lenders lend the crypto through the platforms in exchange for a rate of interest to generate a… Read More »

How to Trade Crude Oil: Weekly Trading FORECAST

By | July 11, 2021

Crude Gann Angle Chart Crude rallying after taking support at gann line. Crude Plannetary Support and Resistace Line  Crude heading back to SATURN Plannetary Resistance zone. Crude Harmonic  Price heading towards 5731 Crude  Gann Time Cycle Date 14/16 July Important time cycle date. Weekly Trend Change Level:5555 Weekly Resistance:5610,5666,5714,5760 Weekly Support:5510,5454,5400,5323 Levels Mentioned are for… Read More »