Bank Nifty Corrects 500 points as Gann Price Time Squaring shows Effect

As discussed in Last Analysis  High made today was 32718 so bulls unable to move above 32768 and formed double top and also price time sqauring suggesting big move should be seen in next 2 trading sessions.Bulls need a close above 32580 for a move towards 32678/32768/32943/33045/33136. Bears below 32512 can do 32412/32322/32142/32053.Bank Nifty saw … Read more

Bank Nifty Weekly Forecast For Sep Expiry

Last Week we gave Chopad of 28100 Bank Nifty did all 3 target on upside and we got big move as per Astro cycle.  Bank Nifty Harmonic Pattern Holding 28500 we can see rally continue towards 31000 Supply and Demand Analysis Self Explanatory chart. Planetary Cycles and Bank Nifty Movements Coming week Bulls need to … Read more

Bank Nifty Rallies 2000 point in 3 day based on Neural Analysis

As Discussed in Last Analysis Neural Analysis combined with Price and Time is a lethal combo, We did not break 28500 and now up towards 29959 a move on 1000 points in just 2 trading session and we were able to capture most of it. We opened with gap Levels mentioned on twitter worked perfectly … Read more

Bank Nifty rallies on Time Cycle date

As Discussed in Last Analysis Bears will have upperhand till we are below 29330 for a move towards 29088/28944/28800. Bulls will get active above 29376 for a move towards 29520/29664. 26 March is also important time cycle. Market like today show “How flexible are traders in changing positions”, those who were fast enough are rewarded … Read more

Bank Nifty touches 28000 on Time Cycle Date

As Discussed in Last Analysis We have Important Astro date on 08 Mar and 09 Mar is Gann 10 Year Cycle so expect good move in next 2 trading sessions.Now Bulls need close above 27790 for a move towards 27840/27936/28080. Time Cycle gives an additional edge, We did not know that election Dates will be … Read more