Bank Nifty Feb Expiry Analysis

As discussed in Last Analysis Low made was 30329 so bears will waiting for 30260/30090. 30090 is important GANN Number so if we hold this level we can see rally back to 30500/30600 after gap down, Unable to hold this fall can extend towards 29900/29500. Today Mercury is going in Inferior Conjunction very important day. … Read more

Bank Nifty Dec Expiry Analysis

As discussed in Last Analysis  As we have Sun Trine Uranus as discussed in below video suggesting we should see good move in market. Plan remains the same Till we are holding 32200 we can rally till 32500/32768. Bears have there chance below 32150 for a move back to 31968/31887/31710/31621/31532. We have traded in small … Read more

Bank Nifty Aug Expiry Analysis

As Discussed in Last Analysis  28 Aug is important time cycle date,Bulls need to move above 28150 for a move towards 28282/28400/28600. Bears will get active below 27950 for a move back to 27800/27650. 28095 was the high today and once 27950 was broken bears did 27650 on downside, Now Bears need to break 27717 … Read more