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Saturn Opposition Sun :Bank Nifty Analysis

By | August 2, 2021

As discussed in below Video Mercury went in Superior Conjunction and Saturn goes in an Inharmonious aspect with Sun Suggesting we should see big move in Bank Nifty. Bank Nifty bulls need to move above 34862 for a move back to 34993/35125/35400. Bears will get active below 34666 for a move back to 34578/34446/34304.  Intraday… Read More »

Bank Nifty Analysis for 13 July

By | July 12, 2021

As Discussed in Last Analysis  We are near gann angle suport  so another upmove can be seen once we move above 35340 for a move towards 35472/35678/36082 Bears will get active below 35130 for a move back to 35040/34864/34730. High made was 34394 so bulls failed to rally above it and bears failed to fall below… Read More »

Mercury Retrograde Impact on Bank Nifty

By | May 28, 2021

As Discussed in Last Analysis Bulls did 1 target on upside and bears got whipsawed,We will see effect of Total Lunar Eclipse tommrow so be ready of explosive expiry. Bears will get active below 34610 for a move back to 34470/34305/34140. Bulls will get active above 34777 for a move back to 34900/35065/35225. We did not… Read More »

Stock Market Prediction Through Financial Astrology

By | May 22, 2021

Astrology can be applied to a multitude of fields, other than forecasts for individual persons. One such field is financial astrology, also called astro-economics – the astrological method to analyze and predict matters of business and finance. Financial astrology is an analysis of financial matters based on the observationof planetary movements. After trading the markets… Read More »

Nifty Bank Nifty Gann and Astro Dates for Month of May 2021

By | May 8, 2021

Nifty Important Astrological/Gann Dates for May Month. May Month will be quiet volatile so trade carefully and with right position size  Note down the High and Low of these dates Which ever side broken trade can be done with SL of Low if High is broken. 04-May-21 13-May-21 17-May-21 20-May-21 26-May-21 29-May-21 Below are few… Read More »