The Devotion Of An Atheist

By | September 17, 2021 3:42 pm

Hariram was the owner of a medical store. He had good knowledge of all medicines.

Having ten years of experience, he knew very well which medicine was kept where.

He used to do this business with great care and with great devotion.

His shop was crowded throughout the day, he used to carefully and discreetly give the desired medicines to the customers.

But he had no faith in God. He was an atheist, he believed that serving the living being is the greatest worship. And he also used to give medicines free of cost to the needy people.

And when he got time, he used to play Ludo with his friends in the shop for entertainment.

One day suddenly it started raining, because of the rain there was no one in the shop. Just what then, called friends and all friends started playing Ludo together.

Then a little boy came to his shop with a prescription for medicine. His whole body was wet.

Hariram was so busy playing Ludo that he did not notice the boy who came in the rain.

Chilling from the cold, the child extended the medicine leaflet and said – “Sir, I want these medicines, my mother is very ill, save them.

All other shops outside are closed due to rain. Seeing your shop made me believe that now my mother will be saved.

Hearing that boy’s call, while playing Ludo, Hariram took that medicine prescription in his hand and got up to give the medicine, due to the interruption in the game of Ludo, inadvertently got up to give the medicine that the power went out. From his experience, he quickly took out the bottle of medicine in the dark and gave it to the boy.

After giving the medicine money, the boy happily went away with the medicine vial.

The game stopped because it was dark and the friends also left.

Now he was thinking of closing the shop soon. Then the light came on and he was stunned to see that he had given it to the boy thinking it was medicine, it was a vial of poison that kills rats.

Which one of his customers had returned a short while ago and in the guise of playing Ludo, he had put it among other medicines thinking that after finishing the game he would put it back in his place!!

His heart started beating louder. As if his ten-year credibility was eclipsed. Thinking about that boy, he started crying.

If she gave this medicine to her sick mother, she would surely die.

For a moment he started cursing his hobby of playing Ludo and decided to give up his hobby of playing in the shop but this thing will be seen later. Now what to do with that wrong medicine?

He does not even know the whereabouts of that boy. How to save that sick mother?

There was so much faith in the boy’s eyes.

Hariram could not understand anything. His desire to go home has now cooled. Confusion and restlessness surrounded him. In panic, he started looking around.

For the first time, his eyes fell with reverence in that corner of the wall, where his father had stubbornly put a small picture of Shri Banke Bihari at the time of the opening of the shop.
One day in an argument with his father, he requested Hari Ram to accept and worship Shri Banke Bihari as at least one power.

He had said that there is great power in the devotion of God, it is pervasive everywhere and Shri Banke Bihari ji has the power to fix every bad work.
Hariram started remembering all this. He had many times seen his father speaking something with folded hands in front of the picture of God, closing his eyes.

For the first time today, he also saw the dusty picture of Shri Banke Bihari Shri Krishna kept in the corner of the shop and closed his eyes and stood there with folded hands.

After a while the little boy again came to the shop. Hariram became very impatient. Did the child give poison to the mother thinking it to be medicine?

His mother is not dead!!
Hariram’s hair trembled. Wiping his sweat, he calmed down and said softly – what is the matter son, what do you want now?

The boy’s eyes started watering. He paused and said- Babuji… I was running away with the bottle of medicine to save my mother, I had even reached near the house, due to rain, the courtyard was full of water and I slipped.

The medicine bottle fell and broke. Can you give me another bottle of medicine, Babuji?

Hariram was stunned. Is this really a miracle of Shri Banke Bihari ji!

Yes! Yes ! Why not? Hariram said, breathing a sigh of relief. Take this medicine!

But I have no money.” The boy said hesitantly, very naively.

Never mind – you take this medicine and save your mother. Hurry up, and yes this time go a little more carefully.

The boy, saying good babuji, walked away happily.

A torrent of tears flowed from Hariram’s eyes. Thanking Mr. Banke Bihari, he took that dusty picture with his hands and wiped it from his chest and applied it to his forehead.

Quickly closing the shop, he left for home. Even the darkest night of his atheism had now passed, and the next day a new dawn awaits a new Hariram.

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