F&O STOCKS % Away from All Time High

The below list shows F&O Stocks away from there All Time High. Use them to add and exit based on comments

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9 thoughts on “F&O STOCKS % Away from All Time High”

  1. Brahmesh, I have a request. Please publish such reports periodically. It is very helpful for small investors in cash position to save their investments. Amazing work. Also, I have a question. As per spreadsheet, Bharat forge was entering Bear market. But subsequently as per your recommendation on 10th March, Bharat forge above 616 could reach 652. So was it an exceptional move that could happen? Although Bharat Forge sustained over 616 for a week, but due to overall mkt coming down is near 590 now. Thanks anyway, you have saved several people from losing their hard earned money from erosion. God bless you!

  2. Bramesh Sir. Thanks so much for the reply. You are absolutely correct. I have come out of MGL, TATA Motors in time as per the chart. Thanks once again Bramesh SIr. Hariharan. Mumbai

  3. Sir, please let me know the difference between sell on rise and exit on rise. How to apply the same

  4. Sir, I am tracking Gail and it has moved around 50% in last 2.5 months from 100 to 147, so how are you comparing it with all time high I dont understand as you have mentioned its entring bear market.

  5. Bramesh SIr. Thanks for the detailed List. We should consider 5th March HIGH as reference or 4th March HIGH as reference. Please clarify. Thanks so much. Hariharan. Mumbai

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