Nifty Jan Month Expiry Analysis

  • FII sold 12.7 K contract of Index Future worth 1327  cores, Net OI has increased by 23.2 K contract 5.2 K Long contract were added by FII and 18 K Shorts were added by FII. Net FII Long Short ratio at 1.42  so FII used fall to enter longs and enter shorts.
  • As discussed in Last Analysis  14112 is the most important number to be watched out if Nifty opens with a gap down, Holding 14112 bulls can rally back to 14256/14333. Bears below that can see fall towards 14041/13968. Nifty has broken the gann angle and in below video we have discussed how price time squaring helps in predicting top and an ablity to ride the trend. Nifty also did our target of 14081 as forecasted on 13 Jan,  Now As we will open gap down today watch out for 13824 we will get 150 points move above or below it. Bulls need to hold 13824 for a rally towards 13888/13924/13999. Bears below 13810 can see fall towards 13743/13686/13610.

  • Total Future & Option trading volume at 41.5 Lakh core with total contract traded 2.06  lakh , PCR @0.96
  • Nifty Feb Future Open Interest Volume is at 0.67 Cores with addition of 26 Lakh with increase in cost of carry suggesting short position were added today, NF Rollover cost @13975, 
  • 14000 CE is having Highest OI at 28 Lakh, resistance at 14000 followed by 14100.14000-14200 CE added 44 Lakh in OI so bears added in range of 14000-14200.FII bought 30 K CE and 41 K CE were shorted by them. Retailers bought 264 K CE and 174 K  CE were shorted by them.
  • 13800 PE OI@25.1 Lakhs having the highest OI strong support at 13800 followed by 13700. 13700-14000 PE added 18 Lakh in OI so bulls addded position in range 14200-14000.FII bought 23.3 K PE and 7.6 K shorted PE were covered by them. Retailers bought 3.9 K PE and 7.4 K PE were shorted by them.
  • FII’s sold 1688 cores and DII’s sold 3 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 73.22

Buy Above 13888 Tgt 13920,13950 and 13970(Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell Below 13850 Tgt 13824,13800 and 13750 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Upper End of Expiry : 14032

Lower End of Expiry : 13707

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