MCX Crude Oil Weekly Trading Strategy

Crude Gann Angle Chart

Crude broke the gann angle on upside,Range 3440-3450 is important support zone.

Crude Plannetary Support and Resistace Line 

Crude moved from cluster of Saturn, Venus and Moon Planneatry lines support to resistance zone crossing 3610-3620 is important for further upmove.

Crude  Harmonic Analysis

Price above 3620 can rally towards 3640/3680/3721/3817 where PRZ Zone lies.

Crude  Gann Time Cycle Date

22/24 Dec Important time cycle date.

Weekly Trend Change Level:3600

Weekly Resistance:3640,3680,3721,3769

Weekly Support:3556,3492,3432,3385

Levels Mentioned are for Dec Future Crude

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