MoneyFlix: The World’s 1st Financial Movies Platform

Ever thought of investing in the stock market and wished you had a mentor who could guide you? ‘Finance’ as a subject seems intimidating and complicated to many. Moreover, the teaching methodology often leaves the learner confused, bored and uninterested. Through its revolutionary new OTT learning platform, MoneyFlix, a newest offering, is set to drive the digital revolution in financial education. MoneyFlix aims to solve this problem by disseminating information through a gambit of animated videos, Bollywood-style acted movies and infographics!

MoneyFlix excels in the information retention front due its weaving of information into stories. This makes the format entertaining and ensures that the learner truly immerses him/herself in the subject matter.


  • Subtitles: While the videos are narrated in English, Hindi or Hinglish, subtitles are available in English, Hindi and Telugu (with plans to add Gujarati and Tamil) to ensure that language doesn’t serve as a barrier to quality education.
  • Voice Notes: This feature comes in handy during information-laden portions of the video. Voice notes are more convenient and quicker to make as compared to physically jotting the notes down. They are easier to revise from as well.
  • Discourages multitasking: Multitasking may not always be a good thing, especially when you’re trying to learn such pertinent concepts. With this feature, users can avoid getting distracted by pausing the video when it detects a change in tabs.
  • Categorization: The videos are categorized in 3 broad categories: Personal Finance, Investment and Saving. These categories are home to videos ranging across various topics such as investing, trading, mutual funds, IPOs, equities, taxation and insurance.
  • Infographics: These are perfect for those of us who are purely visual learners. Furthermore, some of these infographics are aimed towards children (12 and above) in order to feed their interests about simple, everyday-life finance topics!


The platform offers nearly 100 videos, ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in duration.  It features Free as well as Premium content.

There are several free movies such as:

  1. Trading vs Investing – Which one is for you?
  2. When is the right time to buy Cyclical Stocks?
  3. 4 things to keep in mind before Investing & more.

Premium Content includes movies like:

  1. PowerHouse Trading Strategy – Part 1
  2. Reading Financial Statements made easy & more

These videos cover topics ranging from the most basic of investing principles to more complex trading strategies. This broad array of content is targeted towards beginners and veterans alike. Content is organized in an ‘ascending manner’- the initial videos focus on the basics whereas the subsequent videos delve further into more complex topics. As a great emphasis is placed on the constant addition and upgradation of knowledge, users continue to receive new videos, thereby keeping their knowledge banks up to date.

For example, in the movie ‘Trading vs Investing – Which one is for you?’, the introductory content is presented in an easy to understand manner, targeted towards newcomers. The following series branch out into specific strategies associated with the ‘How-tos’ of selecting the stock.

Pricing and Website/App

There are numerous free videos under the Learn for Free Section where users can simply click and play “The Basics of Finance, Investing and Trading Techniques With Our Fun Short Films” which give users an insight into both investing and trading strategies. However, the premium content is more detailed and in-depth.

MoneyFlix ’s yearly subscription for the Premium content is available at a special introductory price of INR 1,990 + G.S.T. with the monthly subscription priced at INR 990 + G.S.T. Subscribers will have access to the platform’s vast library of premium content, as well as access to 10 minute video snippets (MoneyFlix Bytes) on the fundamentals of trending companies in full HD.

Additionally, it has provided a special discount code (brame679814) for our readers which will enable you guys to save INR 200 when you buy a yearly subscription!

The website has been optimized for desktop as well as mobile. Android users can download the free app available on the Play Store. The development of the iOS app is underway and is expected to be launched soon.

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