Gold Gann and Astro Analysis

As discussed in last Analysis   Now bulls need to move above 52300 for coming week to see a rally.High made last week was 52250 so bulls unable to close above 52300 and saw a fall towards 50210. Coming week Bulls need a move above 51230 for rally.

GOLD Gann Angle Chart

Reacted from Gann Resistance line

GOLD Plannetary Support and Resistace Line 

Sun Planneatry line is acting as a resistance need to break 51230 for a move back to 51700,52100,52555,53100

GOLD Harmonic Analysis

Price coming  near 50000 can be a good entry for long trade as per harmonic pattern,Low made last week was 50213 and a good rally of 1000 points.

GOLD Pressure Date

02 Sep  Important time cycle date.

Weekly Trend Change Level:51230

Weekly Resistance:51700,52100,52555,53100

Weekly Support:50900,50209,50076,49625

Levels Mentioned are for Gold Sep Future

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