USD TO INR Price Forecast- Gann analysis

Next week 27 July will be an important time cycle date and 74.86 will play a crucial level in coming week. India Rupee has strong support is range of 74.55-74.61  as per Planetary Line as shown in below chart and Resistance at 74.98-75  Range,Detailed Analysis is shared below

USD INR Gann Angle Chart

Bounced from the Gann Support Zone.

USD INR Plannetary Support and Resistace Line 

Bounced from the Mercury Support line @74.55, Break of 75 can lead to rally towards 75.34-75.58

USD INR Harmonic

Bullish Shark pattern is formed till the recent low 74.55 Is held for a rally back to 75.34-75.58

USD INR Gann Time Cycle Date

Major Trend Change date for INR is 27/30 Jul

Weekly Trend Change: 74.85

Weekly Resistance:75.10,75.34,75.58

Weekly Support:74.61,74.40,74.14

Levels Mentioned are for July Contract of USD INR

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