MCX Crude Weekly Forecast using Gann

As Discussed in Last Analysis Coming week as we have mercury ingress expect another wild ride in coming week, Trade on the levels given below as per gann analysis. Mercury Ingress helped in catching bottom on Monday and we saw almost 40% rally in Crude. Coming week 1340-1369 will play crucial role and also new time cycle as discussed below will be starting from 05 May.

Crude Time Cycle

We are entering the new time cycle as per Astro from 25-Feb and ending on 04 May. High and low of 04 May will remain valid till 30 June.

04 May Important time cycle date.

Weekly Trend Change Level:1555

Weekly Resistance:1610,1666,1740,1800

Weekly Support:1500,1450,1390,1333

Levels Mentioned are for May Future Crude

4 thoughts on “MCX Crude Weekly Forecast using Gann”

  1. correction:Does this mean crude trade in the range of Monday’s high & low till june 30

  2. High and low of 04 May will remain valid till 30 June. Does this mean crude trade in 1360 to 1555 range till June 30

  3. This is only for crude oil.How about the status of other stovks and reply.

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