Financial Astrology: How to Forecast Stock and Commodity Prices

Astrology can be applied to a multitude of fields, other than forecasts for individual persons. One such field is financial astrology, also called astro-economics – the astrological method to analyze and predict matters of business and finance. One of the difficulties in assessing the relationship between prices and the planets is the large number of … Read more

Emptying the Sea

from Garden of the Soul by Sri Chinmoy Once two partridges, a husband and wife, were going on a trip. Before they left, the wife laid some eggs near the ocean. Then the husband said to the sea, “We are going on a sea voyage. You must take care of these eggs for us. if … Read more

How to Become a Full-Time Trader

There is nothing simple or painless about trading for a living.Its a competitive world out there. You have to compete with FII’s,DII’s, HNI’s , Operators, defeat other gladiators, and not get yourself killed in the process. How much should be your Stock Trading Capital Here are a few ways to become a better trader and … Read more