Ahimsa (Non Violence) – Practical View

Once there lived a deadly cobra, on the outskirts of a village under a tree. Everyone in the village was scared of the cobra as it had bitten few people to death. One day few kids from the village were playing football near the same tree. During the play, the ball was kicked hard and went straight to the tree. Kids knew about the cobra bite, so no one dare go close to the tree. The adults also did not want to risk their lives.

A Yoga Guru was passing from the street who watched the whole episode; he offered to help the kids fetch their ball from the tree. Guru went to the tree, and as he was a enlightened soul, he could understand and speak the language of all animals. He called out for the cobra, the cobra came out. It was more than 12 feet long, strong & deadly looking animal. Guru tried to speak to cobra regarding its life style, Guru advised the cobra that violence is not good, and further added that for your evolution you should stop biting / stinging people. Cobra developed respect for the Guru because of his kind and useful advice in its evolution. Guru gave a Mantra to the cobra and asked it to chant it regularly. Also if cobra bits anyone then it will loose the power of mantra.

From the next day the behavior of cobra changed, it started following the advice of Guru, did not bite anyone. As the days passed, people in the village realized the cobra is harmless, so they also lost the fear. Kids started playing near the tree, the cobra watched little kids playing and enjoying. But with time the kids became so fearless that they started hitting stones at cobra and making fun of it. Cobra faithfully tried to follow the advice of non violence given by its Guru. But because of the stones it got injured but still kept following Guru’s advice and chanting the mantra. But the attack against it continued and it made the cobra very weak, it had big wounds, at this time he remembered the Guru and cried for help. The Guru with his psychic abilities realized that his disciple is in danger so returned to the village to see the cobra. He called out for cobra, but this time the cobra could hardly crawl as it was badly injured by the stones. Seeing the condition of the cobra, Guru was in pain. He had tears in his eyes as the Cobra narrated the story.

Guru tried to help cobra with herbs and then had few words of advice. Guru says, “I told you not to bite to follow the Non Violence but I did not prevent you from raising your hood and threatening anyone who attacks you, my dear child! Act of self defense without major damage should be followed to save your life in the practical world. One can not follow principle of Non violence 100 % faithfully.”

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