Why Traders Lose Discipline

By | May 27, 2019 3:33 pm

Mental discipline is a finite resource, much like a muscle, that becomes exhausted with use.Mental Discipline is required for focus, concentration, and self‐control it can become easily depleted.

As Mental Discipline becomes eroded, we become vulnerable to emotion‐driven decisions and the erratic trading behavior that follows. we can become more susceptible to the trading errors.

Mental discipline may be correlated with blood glucose levels as mental activity requires a lot of energy. The body converts the sugars contained in carbohydrates into glucose which supplies fuel to the brain.

Neurons in the brain cannot store glucose; they must get it continuously from the bloodstream. If your blood sugar levels drop, you may fall prey to impulsive trade and lack of self‐control. Body should have adequate level of Sugar and for the same reason Traders are always advised to have a Good and Healthy breakfast.

I have observed most of my students of Trading  Psychology Course  do very good trade during the 1 half of trading day but lose out most of the profit in afternoon session. We did research on there trading pattern for at least 500-600 trades and common phenomenon we found those traders use to skip lunch and do lunch after market closes mostly after 3:30 PM, Lot of other information were unearthed but this was the common phenomenon for all the traders.

This is a very very Vital Information, As most of traders skip lunch sugar level in body comes down and there mental disciple also depletes which lead to erratic trading decision which mostly end up in loss making traders

Things traders can do to increase Mental  Discipline

1.  Eating Habits : Have Healthy Food in small interval and never ever skip breakfast/Lunch. Eat Nuts and Dry Fruits in between the breaks.

2. Practice Meditation : Meditation develop their brains over time into “finely tuned willpower machines.”
3. Physical Exercise : Exercise reduces stress, emotional reactivity,
and increases our tolerance of discomfort. Exercise also promotes mental
4. Reduced tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine junk food intake.

5. Get sufficient sleep and eat well-balanced meals.
6. Avoid sugary drinks or snacks. These will cause glucose to rocket, but just as quickly also cause it to crash.
7. Snack on complex carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream more evenly,  such as fruit and raw vegetables during the trading day.

The bottom line is that traders need to pay attention to their mental discipline and monitor it to be Successful

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