Why 90% Traders fail in Trading ?

Its all about training your mind, See the video below and try to connect with your trading.


Common reasons why this usually happens


  • The trader who is highly open to experience becomes so enamored of new ideas that his/her trading becomes skewed by the latest shiny toy. The trader lacking openness to experience finds one way to make money and can’t do anything else even after that one way loses its edge.


  • They don’t understand key indicators, key numbers, ideal times to trade, and how the market works.


  • Not doing enough research and investing based on ‘TIPS’.–This is the first and the biggest mistake that people do when they start trading in the stock market. They easily trust the tips they hear from a friend, colleague or from a financial magazine that they just read. Moreover, most people blindly follow the recommendations from their brokerage firm which later turn out to be a major loss on their trading.


  • Trading in Options without understanding How to Trade it.


  • Lack of patience Patience is the key to success in stock market. The only thing that you need to do in the stock market is to buy good stocks and give it time. This is the only way to make money here.
  • Irrational Expectations–Getting rich quick with trading is one of the unreasonable expectations that can ruin your career as a trader. It may take years to gain experience in the market as it doesn’t happen overnight and no one can earn quickly with forex trading. You have to turn the forex trading into a full time job if you really want to make money for a long run.
  • Not Learning How to Trade



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