USD INR Weekly Forecast for 21-25 Jan

By | January 19, 2019 1:55 pm

As per our Last Analysis Now For coming week 14 Jan is important trend change date we can see some correction in USD

USD INR Ddi a Perfect Price Time Squaring on 14 Jan as Low made was 70.52 near our level of 70.5 and rallied all the way till 71.47  near our final target of 71.6 So a perfect move was captured.

For coming week till we are holding 71.05 Bulls have upperhand and rally can extend towards 72 Odd levels.

Major Trend Change date for INR for January for coming week is 21/25 Jan

Weekly Trend Change:71.05

Weekly Resistance :71.55,71.89,72.42

Weekly Support:70.70,70.20,69.85

Levels Mentioned are for JAN Contract of USD INR

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