Generic Engineering Construction near Breakout ready for 10-15% move

Generic Engineering Construction and Projects Ltd Is listed on BSE (GENCON is Ticker ) 539407 is the BSE Code.

Generic Engineering is  consolidating in the range of 142-158 from  past 3-4 months and as seen in below chart last Friday rise of 9% has been backed by Volumes so we can expect stock to break out of the range and rally further.

I have marked the Supply Demand Zone in the below Chart also Stock Pattern is Similar to that of Bull Holding which we covered at 155 and it did our target of 180-185 in 3 weeks.

How to Trade Breakout Readers can refer to Below Video to get more understanding of Breakout Trading.

As the Range is for 16 points (158-142) we can expect a minimum Jump of 16 Points which translate to 10-15% rally in next 1-2 months.

Traders can Buy in Range 156-158 Target 168/176  SL should be kept at 149 on closing basis

The above Stocks is not investment pick as I am not expert in Fundamental analysis but a short term pick for gain of 10-20% purely based on Technical Analysis based on my Studies.Please also do your own study before trading this stock and trade in small quantity also be strict with Stop loss.Bramesh Bhandari and his family/associates/ analysts would have exposure in the securities mentioned in the above article.

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