Crude Weekly Forecast for 28 Jan -01 Feb

As Discussed in Last Analysis Bulls need to close above 3860 For a move back to 3900/3969/4096. Bears will get active below 3830 only.

Crude did 1 Target on Upside on Monday and 3 on Downside on Tuesday and Wednesday, Top for the week was made on 21 Jan so time cycle working perfectly

For coming week 3900-3906 will act as strong  resistance and 3710-3721 as strong support, Any close above 3906 can see fast move towards 3969-4096.

4096 is very strong vedic number. Bears will get active below 3777 which is time cycle date low for a move back to 3721/3660/3600.

Crude Time Cycle

28mmmmm Jan is important time cycle date

Weekly Trend Change Level:3844

Weekly Support :3800,3744,3700,3650

Weekly Resistance:3900,3969,4032,4096

Levels Mentioned are for Feb Contract Crude

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  1. Hi, first time visitor to your blog. I’m curious to know how would one trade crude based on the levels you’ve posted. Do we go long above 3844 for 3900 target? I’d appreciate your guidance here. Thank you!

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