Crude Oil Price Prediction for 07-11 Jan

As Discussed in Last Analysis Now for coming week as discussed in below video 3284 and 3126 should be watched closely.

Crude made a low of 3116 it spiked and once above 3284 it rallied all the way towards 3438 also rallied 400 points from the bottom of 2993, So we were able to capture the bottom.

Below Video Have discussed the Time Cycle of Crude

Above 3375 we can rally towards 3438/3493/3539. Bearish below 3300 for a move back to 3250/3200

Crude Time Cycle

07 Jan is important time cycle date followed by 09 Jan as shown in below time cycle chart.

Weekly Trend Change Level:3375

Weekly Resistance :3436,3493,3539,3600

Weekly Support:3333,3250,3170,3116

Levels Mentioned are for Jan Contract Crude

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