How to Pull the Trigger on a Trade

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What can you do to overcome pull the trigger


  • Stop Blaming Others Start Being Accountable: There are people who just want to find fault in others, If He Misses a trade, Make Loss, Unable to enter and exit easiest way is to start blaming market, fellow traders, any site where you are seeing info. The Truth is market like such Suckers because till the time they do not become accountable for their actions they will keep losing and keep blaming .  If you want to be good trader Stop Blaming and start doing some actionable items which will improve your trading and eventually make money for you.
  • Invest on Yourself ,Study– If You do not know how to trade properly and you don’t know what you’re trading edge or your trading system , you are going to hesitate and be fearful simply because you don’t really know what you’re doing. Learn how to trade properly either by yourself or taking trading course from the one you trust on, don’t let fear rule you; the only solution to fear is knowledge. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. A very simple Example We were Short in PEL as per this analysis, we got entry around 2030 which got Stopout, Long also got entry at 2070 and after that it made low of 2052.70 near our SL of 2050 many traders would have exited as they thought its going to Hit SL. Stock did 2 target after that and today is up 3%, This is all possible as we trust our system, But for traders who are not well versed will blame their fear, even market as it might be rigged etc.. Its as simple If you want to learn Car Driving, Just by seeing YouTube videos you cannot learn. Thats why we have driving school where you can Enroll and learn from experts. Same concept needs to be applied when trading, Learn and Earn.

  • Trading is a game of probabilities – You need to take every instance of your trading edge and not hesitate. If you hesitate on a perfectly good signal, it will throw off your whole trading mindset and rhythm because if you then take a trade that loses you will start to doubt yourself and your method. You need to always remember every trade is random in nature and out come of last trade should not impact the outcome of coming trade.
  • Next time take the plunge  – If you have fear trade less, To build confidence during my course i ask my students trade in 10-20 qty till you are comfortable with system, Its not about making money its more on developing trust on the system and keeping losses under control.
  • Markets are Wild Elephant – Markets are Wild Elephant , They will move the way they want to and will always move in path of least resistance. Do not try to predict tops and bottom or take position thinking it has gone so much how far will it go.

As a TRADER YOU need to have discipline, trust your trading system , Stop Blaming other and that my dear readers, is the ‘formula’ for success as a trader.

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