Nifty React from gann angle resistance,EOD Analysis

  • FII’s sold 5.8 K contract of Index Future worth 336 cores ,8.8 K Long contract were added by FII’s and 14.6 K Short contracts were added  by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 23.5 K contract, so rise in market was used by FII’s to enter long and enter short in  Index futures.  FII’s Long to Short Ratio at 0.88. How to Control Emotions While trading


  • As Discussed in Last Analysis Now bulls need a close above 10730 for the next round of move towards 10777/10830/10888. Bearish below 10610 for a move back to 10555/10480. High made today was 10717 so bulls were not able to cross above 10730 and low made toady was 10616 so bears were unable to break 10610 so we did a range trade, Now bears need to break 10610 for the next round of down move towards 10555/10512/10444. Bullish above 10730 which is above gann angel in between buy at lower side of range and sell at higher end. Important intraday time for reversal can be at 9:42/2:35.  Bank Nifty react from gann angle resistance,EOD Analysis

  • Nifty May Future Open Interest Volume is at 1.89 core with liquidation of 18.9 Lakh with decrease in  cost of carry suggesting long position were closed today, NF Rollover cost @10613 closed above it rallied 100 points.


  • Total Future & Option trading volume at 10 Lakh core with total contract traded at 1.43 lakh , PCR @1.02


  • 10800 CE  is having Highest OI  at 56 Lakh, resistance at 10700 followed by 10800 .10300-11000 CE added 19 lakh in OI so bears added position  in range of 10700-10800 CE. FII sold 1.2 K CE and 1.1 K CE were shorted by them. Retail bought 98.5  K CE and 65.6  K CE were shorted by them.


  • 10500 PE OI@49.9 lakhs having the highest OI strong support at 10500 followed by 10400 . 10200-11000 PE  liquidated 31 Lakh in OI so bulls covered position in 10500-10600 PE. FII bought 10.2 K PE and 5.1 K  PE were shorted by them. Retail sold 71 K PE and 33 K shorted PE were covered by them.


  • FII’s sold 407 cores  and DII’s bought 578 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 67.88


Buy above 10640 Tgt 10655,10675 and 10695 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 10610 Tgt 10590,10570 and 10555 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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