Are You a trader and a gambler

Traits of a gambler:  I did most of this in my early days so speak from experience

  1. Failing to follow strict money management rules
  2. Having no fixed strategy,Jumping from 1 strategy to another.
  3. Not keeping a trading journal
  4. Over trading and Over Leveraging
  5. Trying to “win back” losses
  6. Trading in Options to make big money overnight
  7. Moving stops in the “hope” that a trade would come back to me – “Hope” is NOT a strategy!
  8. Gambling/trading for a longer time period than planned
  9. Loss of sleep due to gambling late into the night or inability to shut off thoughts of Trading/ gambling – Used to dream about trades, how sad was that!
  10. Exhausting supply of money; using money for gambling rather than for paying bills
  11. Feeling depressed or suicidal because of gambling losses
  12. Feeling remorseful after gambling

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