Nifty moves from 1 Gann Angle to another,EOD Analysis

  • FII’s bought 6 K contract of Index Future worth 470 cores ,9.2 K Long contract were added by FII’s and 3.2 K Short contracts were added by FII’s. Net Open Interest increased  by 12.4 K contract, so fall in market was used by FII’s to enter long and enter short in  Index futures. FII’s Long to Short Ratio at 1.65,For the August Series FII have net added shorts 78.6 K Contract and its showing effect.  Market Manipulation
  • As discussed in last analysis   Any close below 9945 will see fall getting bigger towards 9880/9792. Bullish above 10090 only. As soon as 9945 broken bears became active and did 9893  near our target of 9880, If bears close below 9880 we can see fast fall towards 9792 which can act as strong support and give a pullback as and when it comes, Bullish above 10090 only.  Time Analysis combined with gann angle helped us in taking short below 10090 and rewarded with 200  points in 2 days. High made today was 9892 and as soon as 9880 broken we saw the fast fall towards 9792, and also a good bounce  of 50 points from 9792. If 9792 get broken tomorrow we can see fall towards 9700/0642/9619. Bullish above 9820 for a move towards 9870/9960   Bank Nifty Bulls fails to protect 24480,EOD Analysis

  • Nifty August Future Open Interest Volume is at 2.25 core with liquidation of 7.3 Lakh with increase in  cost of carry suggesting Short position were added today, NF Rollover cost @10036  Closed below it and corrected 200 points.
  • Total Future & Option trading volume at 11 Lakh core with total contract traded at 1.4 lakh , PCR @0.72
  • 10000  CE  is having Highest OI  at 51.1 lakh, resistance at 9900 followed by 10000 .9800-10500 CE added 29.8 Lakh in OI so bears added in range of 9800-10000 CE. FII sold 851 CE longs and 6.5 K CE were shorted by them.Retail sold 145 K CE contracts and 110K shorted CE were covered by them.
  • 9800 PE OI@46.2 lakhs having the highest OI strong support at 9800 followed by 9900. 9800-10500 PE liquidated 15.5 Lakh in OI so bulls covered  position in 9900-10000 PE. FII bought 17.3 K PE and 481 shorted PE were covered by them. Retail sold 79.6 K PE and 63.1 K shorted PE were covered by them
  • FII’s sold 1171 cores  and DII’s bought 822 cores in cash segment.INR closed at 64.08

Buy above 9780  Tgt 9800,9830 and 9870 (Nifty Spot Levels)

Sell below 9750 Tgt 9710,9680 and 9650 (Nifty Spot Levels)

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